Psychic Services

With the use of high functioning intuition, visions, life- records access and psychic energy, Daniella is able to help you understand situations around you with clarity.  Normally she will get a very fast download of information and can easily pinpoint details you need to make the right decision on everyday issues about your life.

The work is very high energy on my end and due to this, Daniella asks that you prepare your questions carefully prior to reading so we cover issues that are pressing and important about YOU. Her preference is to work on the client and their immediate family only as well as personal relationships.

Timing is something she prefers not to work with as it steps outside of the realm of this reality and can cause confusion when clients have certain expectations regarding a situation or person that is out of their hands.


Spirit work is an essential part of the work and is very rewarding. Spirits that choose to participate in a session with you, do so out of their own free will.

Having participated in the open circles at the Spiritualist Church in Stroud, Cheltenham, and Gloucester in England and in Llanelli, Wales, she has extensive knowledge on  a fast way of working gathering information at the blink of an eye.

*A spirit session is great for reconnecting with loved ones who wish to step forward and offer information about their journey after death. They will often give private details and the information is random of which I have no control over. Questions cannot be asked as it is not a two-way system, they cannot be summoned so you will get a connection with whoever wishes to step forwards.

* A word of precaution, specific spirits cannot be summoned, a session gives you evidence of the specific person’s survival after death and should be a pleasant and healing experience for you. You cannot play test games with them, it is not the Ouija board, nor can questions be asked. The session should be natural in nature and help you as this is considered a gift from the Universe.



Working with the unseen forces from nature and the spirit world, elements are put in place to help restore the balance to certain types of situations.

Often we find ourselves in need of balancing ourselves and decontaminating ourselves of people and situations or places, this work helps to un- thread what is necessary to undo,  extract, remove from sight and replace.

Often this will be done by a person experienced in bringing in the spirits and guides to help and can transform situations that incredibly hard into perfect harmony.

*Daniella is currently not offering these services but will resume them next year by individual assessment. 


Past Life Regressions

This is a great way to uncover the past and understand the present. These sessions are very healing and unique in that they allow you to remove shackles from the past and uplift your soul. They work well to release and help heal.

A test must be done prior to seeing if you can be regressed, however, you will never be put into a complete sleep. You will be conscious of your surroundings and be able to control certain aspects as we progress deeper into the realm.

Daniella is  able to accompany you throughout your journey and am able to pull you from a complex situation should you wish her to do so, thus the reason for not putting you into a hypnotic state.

These sessions can also add in members of your family both alive and deceased. These will aid you on your journey and will participate in your personal healing process.

The sessions are only for past life recall not for therapeutic measures. She will send you forms prior to the session to fill out and proceed once she is sure this is right for you.

*Daniella is currently not offering these services but will resume them next year by individual assessment. 


Development and Training

Working in psychic awareness and spirit contact will help you distinguish the frequencies between the two and that they are well and truly worlds apart. The gatherings will help you recognize them and where to use each one and how.

Sibylline  development is an essential part of acknowledging feelings that play a major part due to our instincts with everyday occurrences. It is not the same to be psychic as it is to be a medium, they use different frequencies altogether and often people struggle to distinguish their use and intent.

On its own, psychic abilities can give you tools to help your decision-making processes and choose paths that offer a better quality of life.

Supernatural contact is spirit contact and can be mental or physical. All courses begin with the mental part as it is the first step. We establish contact with your guides which can at times be the ancestors that will guide you along the way, these will work with you for your security and to aid as a go-between to foreign spirits.

Then there is the exploration techniques for turning on the switch and maintaining a good connection using the correct frequency in a safe way.

*Daniella is currently not offering these services but will resume them next year by individual assessment. 

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