Consultation & Bookings

Daniella will get a very fast download of information and can easily pinpoint details you need to make the right decision on everyday issues about your life.

Daniella will read what she is given and will do a number of spreads during the duration of of your session to cover all areas given to her by the Akashic Records and Spirit.

You will get the information you are meant to be given as generally any questions you have will be answered because the reading will pinpoint information you are keen to inquire about.


Timing is something normally not given, if it is, then it is because you are allowed to know.

It is important that you understand the way in which she works to avoid disappointment.

Daniella offers an empathic ear should you wish to speak to her about your issues and concerns, she will listen and give you practical advice that will help you see things with clarity and give you practical tips and advice.