About Daniella

Not you’re everyday psychic, Daniella is a  Spirit Medium as well as a Shaman, working directly with Spirit to find the answers to your most pressing questions.

Having read for countless clients since 1993, her path has taken her to work greatly online and at a time in person. She has worked independently with as a contractor to Sally Morgan, PTV in the UK / PTV in Australia and on their networks . Currently, she contributes with a major network site and one of the best in Australia, ABSS. And just recently joined a major in the USA.

She is a world traveler and has lived in Spain, Australia, Ecuador and now find herself in small South-West Wales seaside town.

Daniella studied at the prestigious Macleay College in the city of Sydney. She also has a degree in International Studies.

She also runs a successful international baroque horse brokerage service that commenced in 2006 whilst living in Spain. Her experience with horses has been extensive with over 35 years working with and becoming an expert on Iberian horses from Spain and Friesian horses  from the Netherlands. She has worked tirelessly in genetics and training as well as sales with these breeds, she herself comes from the Iberian Cárdenas lineage of family breeders of PRE horses.

In 2012, her life took a turn into a new direction despite the fact that her will was to continue to work with horses, she came face to face with the supernatural world of shamanism.

Daniella studied and worked with some of the best holistic shamanic practitioners in Ecuador and Peru, ranging with techniques learned from the High Andes to the Amazon jungle. The occurrences that happened were literally out of this world, it was then that she unwillingly became a contacted being and went through spontaneous shamanic journeys of the retro cognitive type for over a year and a half.

She found herself stepping out of this realm and into a past life reliving things from that past that would affect this future timeline specifically.  The inner strength got her through it and alongside this she gained the knowledge that there is no death.

Daniella is an Author and Co-Author to various books on the Supernatural and Shamanic topics. Now working alongside her husband Bruce R. Fenton, assisting him with his books, radio work and appearances as a regular on the History Channel & Science Channel for different programs such as Ancient Aliens and The Unexplained Files.

My latest book can be found on the following link with a foreword by Erich von Daniken: 

Exogenesis: Hybrid Humans: A Scientific History of Extraterrestrial Genetic Manipulation