Daniella has over 30 years of Psychic Reading Experience and is a Natural Born Psychic from Sydney, Australia and is of Germanic/Northern EU, Spanish and descent from the Americas. 

She is an Astral Traveler, Contactee and licensed Shaman / Ancestral Medicine Woman for the International Government Recognized Foundation Healing with Ayahuasca, which has its head office in Lima & Jungle retreat at Madre de Dios healing centre in PeruHer shamanic work includes working with plant spirits, internal extractions, clearings for people, protection for children and vulnerable individuals and interdimensional soul travel.

Working with Spirit in a unique way, she has been able to create a unique method whereby she can allow the Spirit of a loved one or Spirit Guide to enter our realm with the use of cards.

She will also use this technique for Past Life Regressions and travel with you into your life story through your cellular memory, recovering information for you to discover and understand more about you and your life path.

COMING SOON! A Teaching Group for those who wish to learn about Shamanism, Cartomancy, Mediumship and Psychic Development will be available shortly.

In her spare time, Daniella is a Professional Classical Guitarist, having studied at the prestigious Trinity College in London, specializing in Baroque & Classical music; she is a private composer and concertist.

Daniella is also an International Horse Broker & specialist in Baroque breeds, including Spanish PRE, Lusitano and Dutch Friesian horses; she comes from the Prestigious Cárdenas family of Spanish Horses from Spain. She owns and operates FrisonesDirect since 2006 and sells high-quality Friesian, Barock Pinto, Arabo Friesian, Warlander, Spanish and Lusitano Horses by request. For more information on this, please got to: www.frisonesdirect.com 

 She has worked independently with the following organizations based in the EU, Australia and the USA :

Sally Morgan  – Lillyanne – Psychic Central – PTV  UK & PTV Australia – Spiritual Beginnings – Absolute Soul Secrets – Spiritual Beginnings – Ariadne’s Thread – Live Person – Kasamba – Psychic Source USA – Tu Psiquico – SeerGuru