Daniella has 28 years of Psychic Reading Experience and is a Natural Born Psychic,  Astral Traveler and Shaman who is licensed in the Amazon of Peru with the International Foundation Healing with Aya.

Also working with Spirit in a unique way, she has been able to create a unique method whereby she can allow the Spirit to enter our realm with the use of cards.

She will also use this technique for Past Life Regressions.

There are many ways we can connect with the Universal Source of Spirit, but we need to open our hearts to listen to the truth and know how to receive and process those messages.

In her spare time Daniella is a Professional Classical Guitarist having studied at the prestigious Trinity College in London specializing in Baroque music.

She is also an International Horse Broker & specialist in Baroque breeds including Spanish PRE, Lusitano and Dutch Friesian horses.

 She has worked independently with the following  based in the UK, Australia and the USA:

Sally Morgan  – Lillyanne – Psychic Central – PTV  UK & PTV Australia 

Absolute Soul Secrets – Spiritual Beginnings – Live Person – Kasamba