Welcome, I have a lifetime of the Supernatural & Psychic Experience and am from Sydney, Australia. Originating from Northern European & Spanish descent as well as from the Americas, my unique heritage has given me ancestral gift that I now share with you.

I am a Time Slip Traveller, Contactee and licensed Shamana for the International Government Recognized Foundation Healing with Ayahuasca, in Peru. My shamanic work includes working with plant spirits, extractions, clearings, protection & soul travel.

I offer Psychic Mentorship/Development for Professionals who need a little nudge to excel in their already spiritual work or are intending on beginning their career as a Psychic Reader/Medium/Shaman.

I am also an Author alongside my husband Bruce R.Fenton (Ancient Aliens, The Unexplained Files)

In my spare time…

A Professional Classical Guitarist, having studied at the prestigious Trinity College in London, specializing in Baroque & Classical music, I am a composer and concert player.

My hobby is as an International Horse Broker & Specialist in Baroque breeds, including Spanish PRE, Lusitano and Dutch Friesian horses; I come from the Prestigious Cárdenas family of Spanish Horses from Spain. I have operated FrisonesDirect since 2006 and sell high-quality Friesian, Barock Pinto, Arabo Friesian, Warlander, Spanish and Lusitano Horses by request worldwide.

I have worked independently with the following organizations based in the EU, Australia and the USA :

Sally Morgan – Lillyanne – Psychic Central – PTV UK & PTV Australia – Spiritual Beginnings – Absolute Soul Secrets – Ariadne’s Thread – Live Person – Kasamba – Psychic Source USA – Tu Psiquico – Mediumchat and now Myguru.