Past Life Regressions

Like watching an episode of Outlander, our past lives can take us to any time or place we allow for. The delicate balance of the cellular memory gives us details and information that can be invaluable to help us decipher our daily connections, the feeling of belonging in another place and time, the familiarity of a certain person or language, and why is it that we can travel in our minds and feel with utmost certainty that we have lived in a certain time and place before?. Well, the answer is that we can. Nothing ties us to one lifetime or person entirely. We are after all interdimensional beings; not one singular person has the answer to NDEs, remote viewing or the knowing of places, people and situations without having been previously connected to them.

I offer the key to unlocking time travel back to those places and situations as much as and as far as you wish to take it. If you wish to have a regression to see where you were, who you were with and why get in touch and we can discover these lives together