Stroud psychic mediumship and shamanism with Daniella


If you are looking to further your psychic development in all aspects and require help with quick tunning into working with various tools and are at an Intermediate level or higher and require someone to help you hone into more aspects of what you already do? I can help!

Are you currently looking for work as a Psychic Reader and need to brush up on your skills and need someone to push you further and quickly so that you gain confidence and feel ready to take on what your clients need from you?

I offer one-to-one sessions and can help with sourcing your strongest modality on a professional level so that you can establish yourself as a ready-to-work psychic or medium.

What I can say is that you will get more in tune with yourself, find yourself working quickly and not time wasting, allow you to find your inner path, help you develop your abilities and unlock any new ones as well as give you the confidence I did not have when I first began, a mentor is often invaluable in helping with life lessons and do’s and dont’s.

I work with the following aspects:

Make sure you understand fully your chosen field of expertise

Help you develop your own style of working, reading, connecting

Accelerate your input and output times

Fine-tune your connection to the Source

Help you feel safe whilst working

Assist you in blending techniques so you are not tied down

Show you the difference between switching modalities

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