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60 Minute Readings GBP £80

30 Minute Readings GBP £40

1 Question Consultation GBP £15

All readings must be booked in advance to avoid disappointment.

All readings are freestyle Psychic Medium Readings with the use of Lenormand, Gypsy and Spanish Playing Cards. She will tell you what she sees and your are given what the higher intelligence wants you to know. Also, she will combine messages from Spirit if she gets them for you.

Her readings will give you much insight into the things you currently need to know and where things are heading.

She can also read photographs for you. Her sessions for this service are done via Skype.

The session cost is from: £180

These regressions are useful for self discovery and healing and can also be done with the use of your ancestors alongside you.

The Past Life Regressions are non-therapeutic sessions that involve meditation, a visualization and regressing to past lives where we explore the already lived moments to determine locations, names, times and people involved in our lives.

You will need to set aside a couple of hours just in case for the session.

A Pre-test is done prior to your session and a follow up consultation is also given to make sure you are grounded after.

These sessions cost from: £150

This is a traditional Shamanic Service that requires a full body clearing, removal/extraction if required, balancing and sealing of the etheric body via a deep session of the use with herbal elements, tobacco, a candle and eggs. In traditional methods following “la Limpia” plus the reading of the candle and egg to give us information from the spirit world, your ancestors and your higher self.

Her instruments involve Spirit Contact with the help of your own ancestors and the use of several elements that she will provide during the session. You must be open to letting go and feel the genuine need to be healed from the Soul Outward.

I generally have availability via appointment evenings in GMT + 1 (London) time zone.

To arrange a booking please email me at:

[email protected]