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45 Minute Readings GBP£75/ AUD$130 / USD$100

All readings are freestyle so you I tell you what I see and your are given what the higher intelligence wants you to know. I will also combine messages from Spirit if I get them for you.

60 Minute Past Life Regressions GBP£100/ AUD$180/ USD$140

The Past Life Regressions are non-therapeutic sessions that involve meditation, a visualization and regressing to past lives where we explore the already lived moments to determine locations, names, times and people involved in our lives.

45 Minute Shamanic Clearing GBP£100/ AUD$180/ USD$140

This is a traditional Shamanic Service that requires a full body clearing, removal/extraction if required, balancing and sealing of the etheric body via a deep session of the use with herbal elements, tobacco, a candle and eggs. In traditional methods following “la Limpia” plus the reading of the candle and egg to give us information from the spirit world, your ancestors and your higher self.

I generally have availability via appointment mornings or evenings in GMT + 1 (London) time zone.

To arrange a booking please email me at:

[email protected]