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All readings are freestyle Psychic Medium Readings with the use of the Gypsy Witch Playing Cards, Lenormand or Playing Cards.

Daniella will tell you what she sees, you are given what the higher intelligence wants you to know. Also, messages from Spirit may be given if they are received for you.

Individual Reading :

Price: £2.25 per min & Max time 50 mins

Group Reading Total Time:

Price: £2.50 per min

Max up to 6 people & Max time 120 mins

PAST LIFE REGRESSION: Available via Appointment.

These regressions are useful for self-discovery and healing and can also be done with the use of your ancestors alongside you.

The Past Life Regressions are non-therapeutic sessions that involve meditation, visualization and regressing to past lives where we explore the already lived moments to determine locations, names, times and people involved in our lives.

A Pre-test is done prior to your session to ensure you can be regressed. This will happen at the same appointment prior to your regression.

Total Time:

90 minutes

Price: £200.00

I work in GMT + 1 (London) time zone services are done via Zoom, Botim or Skype. Payment via paypal require a £5 surcharge.