Daniella is amazing. Over the years I have had numerous readings with her and she is so accurate and her guidance in all situations has been spot on Thank you Daniella.

Birgul, Sydney-Australia.

I’ve had numerous reading’s off Daniella and she’s always got everything right, Highly recommend her.

Ceri, Llanelli-Wales.

Daniella is such a natural at her work ,everything flows so easily when shes giving you a reading..Very accurate on many things that she has said .

Maureen, Kilmarnock_Scotland.

Daniella is an incredible reader. She always gives very useful advice. She saw through situations with people and described things really, really well. Her messages are warm but full of clarity and gives meaningful directions. Amazing!! Thank you Daniella

Nathaniel, Singapore.

I just love Daniella. Words are not enough to describe how wonderful she is. She really takes her job seriously and does everything with full focus, relating what she sees truthfully. Her guidance is amazing. Sh is a lovely person who really makes you feel comfortable to speak and ask questions and she looks into it all. she is spot on about so many things she saw,. A true psychic.

Sarina, Sydney-Australia.

Hi Daniella, thank you for helping me understand in your own words and peak into the future of my situation. I am so lucky you were available at the exact time I needed guidance. I know exactly where I want to go in my life and I feel lucky that you read that I am on the right track. Your reading absolutely resonated with me. Highly recommending you! xx

Kym, Melbourne-Australia.

Absolutely amazing! I was astounded with my reading! It looks as though the predictions are coming true! The information give was 100% accurate and Daniella is one beautiful soul! I will defintitely be back for a follow up reading.

Glen, Melbourne-Australia.

Daniella told me in November last year that I would be homeschooling my son in March of this year. At the time I thought how that would be possible, but….Daniella was right ! I am doing it along with many other parents. Daniella is in a league of her own. Her direct communication with Spirit and giving accurate and well-timed predictions that I am truly grateful for! xx


Daniella has been reading for me for over 12 months now. Her readings are sincere, genuine and given with love. I trust and respect Daniella’s integrity as a reader. Her readings are so spot on. She describes people in my life so accurately and a number of her predictions have already come true. Thank you for your support Daniella, the world is a better place with you in it xx.

Kate, Queensland-Australia.

Thank you Daniella for another wonderful reading, each reading has consistent and gives me hope that communication will eventually happen, hopefully soon! I find you so easy to talk to and you get straight to the point without any long drained out silence. I will definitely be calling again!


Awesome! That’s all I have to say.

Glenn, Queensland-Australia.

Daniella is an amazing reader, tuning in very quickly and clearly to your situation. I highly recommend her and will definitely be calling again. Thanks for your wonderful guidance on more than one occasion.

Melanie, Sydney-Australia.

Daniella, you are an amazing true gem. There are many great readers on sites but you are the clearest I have had. Kind, honest and connected. Every time we speak, you pick straight up from what you previously told me, confirming dates and details. Thank you for your guidance from spirit, very much appreciated.

Judie, Melbourne-Australia.

Thank you very much Daniella for a very good spot on reading. You really are good at what you do, so thank you !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Sarah, Adelaide-Australia.

Thanks so much Daniella for a great reading. I really appreciate your support with a rather complicated and frustrating situation. Hopefully everything works out as you see. Keep you updated, thanks again.

Nerrisa, Melbourne-Australia.

Wow! Excellent reader! On the dot and she knew all the details I had in mind. Thank you, great job, will keep in touch, cheers!

Anjay, Melbourne-Australia.

Daniella is an amazing reader, so accurate and a beautiful soul. Thank you for my reading, I will keep you posted on the outcome of the issues.


WOW, WOW, WOW! what an amazing reading. Daniella you never cease to amaze me, I could listen to you for hours, thank you!

Anna, Sydney-Australia.

Have had regular readings over two years with Daniella with accuracy on timings and detailed information. Very honest, no sugar coating.

Allyson, NSW-Australia.

With very little information Daniella picked up on everything. She answered my questions without me even having to ask them. Thanks so much, beautiful soul and spot on reader.

Felicity, Melbourne-Australia.

Daniella is an outstanding reader. The things she comes up with in the cards is amazing. She is a wonderful person. The world would be better off with more people like her.

Peter, Brisbane-Australia.

Awesome Daniella, thank you so much! xx


Daniella, you are amazing! right at the beginning of the reading you began to tell me what you thought and you were spot on! thank you for always making me feel better with your reassuring words. You are a blessing! Thank you xxx

Anna, Sydney-Australia.

Thank you Daniella for all the positive information and guidance. I will await for the positive outcome for me.

Gladys, Sydney-Australia.

Brilliant as usual Daniella, thank you! xx

Dana, Sydney-Australia.

Daniella, you are amazing! The amount of times you have been accurate with so many things, it simply keeps me speechless to say the least. You deliver your messages in such a way that brings truth behind them. You are so in tune with me every time we speak, I look forwards to your future predictions, that I believe will happen. I highly recommend you to all my friends.

Sandy, Melbourne-Australia.

All I can say is WOW, you are amazing! You waste no time tapping into the situation and so accurate in your response. There is simply no one like you Daniella, you are a true gem! Thank you!

Michelle, Melbourne-Australia.

Loved the reading with you Daniella, I hope you are accurate and your predictions come true and my situation improves with a bit more time. You’re an angel. Thank you.

George, Melbourne-Australia.

Once again Daniella, you have provided accurate and meaningful information. I look forwards to your predictions once again. Top shelf reader. Highly recommended.

Kon, Melbourne-Australia.

I have used Daniella for readings for over 2 years now. Apart from being a lovely lady she is an outstanding reader. If I could give her 7 out of 5 stars I would.

Peter, Brisbane-Australia.

Daniella is great for giving you reassurance. I think I have called for the same thing about 3-4 times and she will laugh about things with you. She gave me details about something and it happened within the time frame that she gave me. She is so to the point!

Jane, Perth- Australia.

Daniella you are amazing! thank you for delivering my messages with such compassion. You are caring, consistent and I honestly feel so at ease when I speak to you. I am so appreciative of your time and I look forwards for all the great blessings to come. I look forwards to speaking to you again soon!


Daniella is like talking to a best friend. She lifts me up every time. All her predictions have come to pass. You are my light.


Time frames are always accurate, always kind and truthful and funny. Have spoken to her for 18 months now. Told me my boss was going to tell us about money issues and job losses and he told us the next day. Always told me my partner loved me and that he would back and he has come back. Too much to write, one of the best ever, hugs xxx.

Allyson, NSW-Australia.

Brilliant reader, authentic, beautiful energy. Several readings now, never falters, never fails, so genuine, so honest, so special.

Cam, Sydney-Australia.

Daniella thank you so much for your wonderful readings. I’ve spoken to you twice in the last week and the and the understanding and clarity that you have given me has put me at ease. I’m so excited about your predictions coming true. I will keep you updated and hopefully can speak to you again soon! xxx 🙂

Nerissa, Melbourne-Australia.

Lovely reading, felt you tuned into my situation and questions well, thank you, will call you again xx

Linda, Perth-Australia.

I simply cannot believe the synchronicity we have every single time I call you, even before I open my mouth you proceed to tell me what has happened and why, then you tell me what you see happening before I get a chance to ask you those very questions that you have pulled from my mind, I honestly don’t know how you do it! You even got the initials of the POI and there is no way on this planet you could have known that critical piece of information! I don’t know how you do what you do but it must come from the divine with a direct phone call to the stars.


So beautiful you are and so connected, I am a regular user of readers and I rarely give reviews but you Daniella have a true gift that comes from a sacred place. You are so to the point and I am glad that you give me what you truly see. You really “tune in”. Thank you Daniella xxx 🙂


Spot on! What an awesome reading from such a beautiful lady. You picked up everything exactly how it is. Thank you so much, I am feeling so positive about the future. I just love your positive energy and your guidance. Daniella you are truly gifted and I cannot thank you enough for all that you do for me, it really makes me want to cry. Love and light you are such a beautiful soul xxx 🙂 🙂

Tatiyana, Sydney-Australia.

Daniella, thank you, You are a truly gifted soul leading the way in times of darkness. Your insight is truly special for which I am grateful from the deepest part of my heart. Blessings to you and your family.


Such a beautiful healing reading I had with you today Daniella. Always honest and caring, I have always appreciated your guidance and kind spirit. You are always so accurate with your predictions. I will definitely keep you updated.

Laura, Perth-Australia.

A truly evolved soul. Thank you Daniella for your gift of information and clarity with my situation. You are an amazing beautiful being of light. Blessings to you and your family xxxx

Sally, Cairns-Australia.

I have really missed talking to you Daniella, you have an uncanny ability to see into situations with such precision that it shocks me every time we speak. You are unlike other readers.Your words are incredible and I am so happy that we have been able to connect more once again.

Matt, Sydney-Australia.

My first reading with Daniella and it definitely will not be my last. Everything you said made sense and your angle of perspective absolutely blew me away. Thank you so much, everything you said was so spot on. Fantastic! Awesome! So blown away and grateful that I found you! xxx

Richard, Sydney-Australia.

My go to girl, like a sister! Accurate with everything, kept me doing through the dark times. I cannot do this without you!

Allyson, NSW-Australia.

Thank you Daniella for an uplifting and inspiring reading. You have confirmed my thoughts and I am excited to see what the rest of the time frame brings. Much love xxxx 🙂

Beth, Darwin-Australia.

Daniella is without a doubt one of the most gifted psychics I have ever spoken to. Authentic and accurate. I know this to be true. An absolute delight to talk to. Thank you for being you xxxxxxxx

Aqua, Tokyo-Japan.

I have had numerous readings with Daniella. You are an amazing woman. So accurate and so enjoyable to listen to. Thank you for your readings and spiritual guidance.

Carmelina, Melbourne-Australia.

Daniella has read for me for a year now and has guided me through a very difficult situation I was in. If it wasn’t for her, I would never have known the truth about a situation I was in for many years. She told me things no one knew. Daniella thank you so much for all your help and guidance. Words aren’t enough for me to express how I feel about your readings. I appreciate your love and honesty.

Sophie, Adelaide-Australia.

Daniella, thank you so much for my reading tonight. Your insights and guidance into things that are going on in my life are bang on! This and your genuine uplifting personality really helped me. Now I feel uplifted and empowered to deal with my situation. Love and light to you.

Wendy, Auckland-New Zealand.

Thank you Daniella, you have an amazing gift and it has helped me immensely. So accurate, your guidance is so very much appreciated.

Laura, Perth-Australia.

My reading with Daniella was enjoyable. She was accurate and did not need any information. I look forwards to her predictions.


Loved your guidance and insights into my worries and I thank you so much.

Tamy, Edinburgh-Scotland.

I am so grateful to you Daniella, I don’t know how you do it but everything you have told me so far has been spot on, down to amazingly specific details about people and situation-SPOT on every time. I simply can’t thank you enough for how much you have helped me. I don’t think I could get through this incredibly difficult time without you. Thank you so, so much xxxx

Tanya, Canberra-Australia.

Daniella is brilliant to validate the information she gave me yesterday about my great grandfather and grandmother. After checking with my mum, you described my grandfather down to a Tee! Down to a badge and about being in the paper. And yes, my grandmother loved red roses ( I thought she loved white) but you told me they were red. Apparently, you were right, my Pa would pick a red rose for every morning and my mum still remembers this! xxx

Jac, Sydney-Australia.

Words cannot express how great you are. You track everything down to a T. You are a great reader. Sending you love and light.

Karen, Miami-USA.

Daniella you are amazing, such an inspiration. I have had a few readings with you and I have no words to express my gratitude. Your guidance, advice and genuine expression of care is undeniably uplifting. I do hope everything you said comes true. Thank you so much for giving me the courage to not give up on my dreams just yet! xxxx

Dora, Sydney-Australia.

I had a reading this afternoon with Daniella and without providing any information she brought through my late father with very specific details. She is warm and approachable and lovely to talk to. It was a shame I had to cut the reading short today but I will definitely be speaking to you again very soon! xxxxx 🙂

Mery, Melbourne-Australia.

Very happy indeed with my reading from Daniella. Very well connected, she gave many details and validations. I so appreciate the various ways she has at looking at things as well as the options to move forwards. I certainly will be well impression if you on the money with the timing, which I suspect now you will be. Many thanks.

Lynda, Sydney-Australia.

Absolutely predicted a situation that came true, WOW! So accurate it blew me away! Thank you Daniella, just brilliant! I highly recommend you. You are simply an amazing reader! xxxx

Sandra, Victoria-Australia.

Awesom reader, WOW, thank you! you gave so much clarity in my tough life journey. I read from you for the first time and needed to get another one straight away! Thank you for sharing your gift with me. Also, I have to mention that you were right about the lady that came through when you mentioned KAT. You said it was not Katherine or Katrina, but that it was Kat and it was a short and more Eastern European name that you had trouble pronouncing for fear you might offend me or get it wrong and then you said Katuna and you laughed! And guess what? I checked with my mum and she was my biological grandmother that I did not know about!!! Unbelievable! How did you know???? I will definitely be booking you again but it will be a longer session next time! xx 🙂

Katrina, Sydney-Australia.

100% accurate as always!

Frances, Sydney-Australia.

Yes Please Do Get Yourself A Reading From Daniella Because You Will Put Your Worries To Rest And You Will Just Know How To Move Forward With The Information You Receive.Thank You To Daniella For My Reading I Truly Appreciated It.

Kristina, El Paso-Texas.

I would highly recommend Danielle for her gifted readings & Shamanic knowledge. Daniella gives you a straightforward reading delivered in a warm hearted caring way .Thank you Daniella for my reading it has brought a much needed peace to my rest less soul.

Bhakti, Western Australia.

I have known Dan for almost 4 yrs and apart from being a lovely lady she is an outstanding reader. her predictions are so spot on its scary but without telling her, she comes up with what is happening at the moment.

Peter, Brisbane-Australia.

So today Daniella give me a reading via telephone call and the things she told me about my past and current life was amazingly spot on . My future looks a good and positive one. Thankfully I think my life is now on a road of happiness and success. Daniella you are truly unique and amazing in what you do your gift is incredibly beautiful and you have made me feel so positive about what the next chapter will bring . I wish you all the success in your life and I really hope your proud in what you do for people . thank you so much and I can’t wait to give you an update on what will become of the next year . ❤💖💝

Rachel, Kidwelly-Wales.

My call ended with my mouth wide open and my heart beating fast! No reader has made me feel this way before. You flowed with information and just knew things without my input. I enjoyed listening to you and you allowed me to ask questions. You are a very warm and gentle soul that I’ve enjoyed meeting! I must call again. Thank you Daniella!

Frances, USA.

Quick, clear, professional, and definitely the real deal. She was respectful, compassionate, and non-judgemental. One of the best, from my decade+ experience as a psychic readings customer. No additional information was required; no questions asked; wasn’t trying to be my best buddy; no run on, one-sided monologues about things I never asked, in an effort to chew up time. Just a pure desire to be a clear channel. How refreshing!! Thank you!

Rondha, USA.

i really love the quick answers she gives; they surely do feel accurate. I can’t say for sure yet until things move in the direction shown. There isn’t much she can’t answer, rarely does she say “i think” or blame things on the usual -“the planets”! She gives concrete answers as she sees it. I can’t wait to validate all i can soon.

Kathrine, USA.

Daniella is gifted beyond words. She’s telling you what she sees with such accuracy and compassion, bringing hope and an understanding of the situation and what’s to come. I really feel connected and will definitely come back for an update as soon as things start to move forward.

Dana, USA.

Daniella is amazing the best read i’ve had anywhere for that matter. I came back 2x’s for more questions. She was 100% accurate on all assessments of the ppl and situation. It was uncanny her accuracy from just names it was like she knew them. Her answers are quick and wastes none of your time she’s the most kind soul ! I will remain a loyal client i can’t wait until things unfold so i can validate her gifts. Really really talented !

Renae, USA.

Daniella is definitely a veteran in the field. She is prompt, reliable and clear in what she sees. She actually was able to answer my questions before I had a chance to ask as we had a super good connection. She’s detailed and accurate and will not sugar-coat it but be kind and compassionate. I will be back for sure! xoxo

Samantha, USA.