Stroud psychic mediumship and shamanism with Daniella


As a go-between for the spirit world, shamanism becomes you. There are many times when shamanism becomes your way of life once you have entered its gate and been chosen to represent nature, energy, walk between spirits and work with the universe.

I offer bespoke services that are tailored to clients’ needs depending on the level of help required and offer different types of work including:

•Andean Egg Clearing LA LIMPIA

•Soul Retrieval

•Death & Dying Soul Work

•Shamanic Walking

•Shamanic Clearing of Spaces or People


Working with four shamans from across the Amazon and the Andes Mountains in Peru and Ecuador, I studied, lived and accepted that part of my work was to undo the harm done to innocent people by others, undo problematic situations that come from the most unnatural sources, put up a fight to restore peace and tranquillity where it has been missing and work with living and deceased souls so that there is harmony and each person standing would stand with their feet on the ground, whole, strong and with the knowledge and tools to make the best decisions and find their path on this life journey of souls having a human experience.