Stroud psychic mediumship and shamanism with Daniella



All of the psychic, clairvoyant, mediumistic or astrological readings that are given are done and completed in good faith, but in some instances, the information may represent opinion or judgment. Accuracy cannot be guaranteed and completeness of any information given during the time of the reading.

I want to make it clear that I am not a qualified counsellor, nor a qualified medical professional, nor do I hold any qualifications in law or finance and make no claims in this regard. I may, from time to time, offer a personal opinion, but this does not constitute a consultation, may it be legal, financial or any sort of professional counselling.

I believe in your individual power to transform your life. UK law obliges us to say that all readings done by all Readers – are for entertainment purposes only.

In using my services, you must understand that I do not provide recommendations, or counselling, nor give any directions for you to follow. In particular, if you have any medical conditions that you are concerned about, you should always consult a qualified member of the medical profession for advice and treatment. Any opinions that I may have offered related to the spiritual aspect of any health issue are NOT a substitute for treatment by the medical profession and we strongly urge you not to use or see them as such.

I only offer services for those over 18 years of age and full of sound minds.