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I offer phone readings to clients in the UK and Skype readings for international clients.

For me there is no difference between Phone or Video Calls; you do not need to be in the room with me to experience the full effect of a session.

blend psychic cartomancy, which is intuitive guidance and can incorporate mediumship, the contact of the spirit world with your loved ones into one session and allow for s blend to take place if you are open to it. These sessions not only offer insight into the reading via cards but also offer healing and comfort in knowing that loved ones are close and with you. I have had clients often tell me that my sessions are therapeutic and lift a weight off their shoulders, something that other therapies cannot offer.

If you would like a reading with me, please send a request via the form below, and I will come back to you with availability and details. There is a waitlist and readings are only available once a week in the GMT UK time zone, so please be aware of this.

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