Providing Detailed Psychic Information

Daniella has 28 years of Psychic Experience, a Natural Born Medium,  Astral Traveller and more!  Having read for countless clients since 1993, she has a NO SUGARCOATING POLICY  and will tell you what she honestly sees. She has worked independently with:

  • Sally Morgan
  • Lillyanne
  • Psychic Central
  • PTV in the UK 
  • PTV in Australia 
  • Absolute Soul Secrets in Australia
  • Kasamba 

The various decks she uses are:

  • Lenormand Deck
  • Gypsy Witch Playing Cards
  • Zingara Gyspy Cards
  • Kipper Cards
  • Regular Playing Cards known as Cartomancy Cards

She is an Author of the Supernatural and a Contactee. Her books include:

  • 2012 Rising the last Tzolkin
  • Ancient Aliens in Australia
  • Exogenisis: Hybrid Humans

Contact Daniella now and allow her to show you what the Source has in store for you today!